Image Name Composition Packing
Edcross Injection Edcross Injection Edaravone injection 20ml ampoule injection Details
ARTBASE-150 ARTBASE-150 Alpha-Beta Arteether Injection 150 Mg 3*2Ml Details
CAGCEE  1.5GM CAGCEE 1.5GM Ascorbic Acid 250mg (Each 1ml) 6ml Details
CAGPAN 40 CAGPAN 40 Pantoprazole 40Mg 1'S Details
CAGRAB 20 CAGRAB 20 Rabeprazole 20Mg -IV INJECTION 1'S Details
COBACAG COBACAG Methylcobalamin 1500mcg Injection 5*2ml Details
COBACAG PLUS COBACAG PLUS Methylcobalamin 1000mcg,Vitamin B6 100mg& Niacinamide 100mg injection 1*2ml/DISPO PACK Details
DCAG DCAG Diclofenac sodium injection 75mg + Benzyl Alcohol 4 10X1ml Details
FEBASE FEBASE Iron sucrose 20mg injection 1*5ml Details
FIXBASE 250 FIXBASE 250 Ceftriaxone 250mg Injection I.P 1'S Details
FIXBASE 500 FIXBASE 500 Ascorbic Acid 250mg (Each 1ml) 1'S Details
FIXBASE  1GM FIXBASE 1GM Pantoprazole 40Mg 1'S/D.W. Details
FIXBASE-S 1.5 GM FIXBASE-S 1.5 GM rabeprazole-20mg-iv injection 1'S Details
FIXBASE S 375 FIXBASE S 375 Methylcobalamin 1500mcg Injection 1'S Details
FIXBASE S 750 FIXBASE S 750 Methylcobalamin-1000mcg,Vitamin B6 100mg& Niacinamide 100mg injection 1'S Details

Best Pharmaceutical Injections for PCD Pharma Franchise – Cagrus Biopharma is an ISO certified pharma company that provides safe and reliable injection formulations. Our range of medication is widely appreciated by the best pharmacists and we are widely known as the Best Pharmaceutical Injections for PCD Pharma Franchise. Injections in the pharmaceutical industry are in high demand.

Injections are quick-relief medication and help avoid long term treatment. We formulate our drugs with quality raw extracts which have been sourced from the most trusted pharma merchants. The production units of the company are furnished with the latest and advanced technologies and are well-certified by WHO-GMP. Our prime aim is the satisfaction of our clients and they even claim us as the Best Pharmaceutical Injections for PCD Pharma Franchise

The demand for Injectable Range in India

In India, there is a huge demand for quality drugs and injectables being the most useful and fast recovery medicine, has a great demand. Most people prefer taking injections as it provides fast recovery and reduces the treatment period. Keeping this in mind, it has become a requirement of a patient's treatment.

Various pharma companies have launched various injections which can help the patients in recovering their conditions. Our company provides an extensive range of quality injections and vials which are formulated by the best pharmacists of the company. The following are some of the reasons for the broad scope of Pharma Franchise Company:

  • Demanded in every medical sector
  • The best substitute for drugs
  • People’s preference for injectables than medicines

Top Pharmaceutical Company to offer Injectable Drugs – Cagrus Biopharma

Cagrus Biopharma is the best pharma company to provide quality injectables at affordable rates. We have our own manufacturing units where we formulate our products under the special care of the leading pharmacists of the company. The research and development department of the company is engaged in the production, inspection and supervision of our formulations.

Some vital factors about the company:

  • We have our production units located in excise duty-free areas.
  • The wide storage warehouses are highly clean and hygienic.
  • We have certifications from WHO, DCGI, ISO, and GMP.
  • We have partnered with the best and most trusted logistic partners who ensure safe and timely delivery of the stock.

WHO-GMP Verified Formulations

Dealing with 250+ drugs, Cagrus Biopharma is a renowned franchise company in India. All our products are manufactured in WHO-GMP certified production units. Equipped with the latest machinery, our production units are located in excise duty-free areas. We utilize 100% safe, pure and reliable raw extracts that we have extracted from the trusted pharma merchants of the industry.

Some of our most demanding injectable formulations:

  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Pantoprazole 
  • Rabeprazole 
  • Diclofenac sodium + Benzyl Alcohol 4
  • Iron sucrose
  • Methylcobalamin 
  • Diclofenac sodium injection + Benzyl Alcohol 
  • Edaravone 
  • Diclofenac sodium injection + Benzyl Alcohol 

Quality Measures opted at Cagrus Biopharma

Cagrus Biopharma has a state-of-the-art infrastructure. We produce cost-effective drugs by maximising the use of the most recent and advanced technology. To produce and package pure, safe, and non-contaminated medicines, we use sterilised machinery. Our company created some of the high-quality, dependable formulations approved by DCGI. We always make certain that our clients get the best deal on the market. As a result, newer and improved liquid drugs are being added. By adhering to international standards, we ensure that our clients receive higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Benefits of collaborating with Cagrus Biopharma

Cagrus Biopharma is a prominent pharma company to offer the best business services across the nation. Our injection range is highly demanding in the market. We have connections with the best pharmacists and doctors who keep us posted about the rising demand of various formulations. Our company offers reasonable business services at affordable investments. some of the best benefits that we offer to our clients include:
  • Exclusive monopoly rights
  • Cost-free marketing support
  • Affordable rates
  • Quality assurance
  • Prompt delivery
  • Unwavering client backup