How to Start PCD Pharma Company in India?

How to start PCD Pharma Company in India – Planning to start PCD Pharma Franchise business? But don’t know the process? Here read this blog to know How to start PCD Pharma Company in India. But before investing in the business you must know what this exactly is. It is a business through which you can earn fortunes at considerably low investment. As we know the demand for healthcare products is not going to decrease, rather it will increase with time. So, looking at the plus points many people are investing in the pharma franchise business opportunity and PCD being the most lucrative opportunity is the prime choice of business for the newcomers.

But the fact that for starting a PCD franchise there is a certain procedure and some things that must be kept under consideration. In this blog, we have mentioned the whole process and requirements of How to start PCD Pharma Company in India. But first of all, we need to understand the difference between pharma franchises and PCD franchises.

Difference between Pharma Franchise and PCD Franchise

In PCD Pharma, you can establish the business at a considerably low investment with a low sales target. The starting orders are small. This segment is for distributors, retailers, wholesalers, and medical representatives. Since the investment in this business is quite low, one can easily start the business with less tension.

Whereas the Pharma Franchise is a large-scale business. It requires relatively high investment and the order size and sales targets are also high.

Also, the pharma franchise business requires experience in the pharma sector which makes the pharma franchise a difficult deal while PCD Franchise is much affable.

How to start PCD Franchise in India?

The first and most important thing before starting the PCD franchise business is selecting the right company. Do a deep research and find all the valid invalid points about the company till you get satisfied as selecting the right company is very important because your whole career and money depend on it. It is quite a difficult task but is equally important. Do online and offline research about the company. Here are a few things you can take into consideration:

Availability of products

It is very easy for any company to create a fake portfolio so be ensured the products they show online are available with them and if not, ask the company about it. Be ensured the company offers genuine products and deals.

Check out the terms and conditions

This is the most vital step. Reading all the terms and conditions for any business is very important. Go through it thoroughly to avoid any problems in future. Everything the pharma company is offering you verbally must be mentioned in the terms and conditions such as the payment related things, the company rules, the sales target, etc.

Monopoly rights

Do check the terms and conditions related to monopoly rights. It should be clear beforehand about the areas where you want to market the products of the company. Do take a copy of the written agreement.

Sales target

Ensure that the company doesn’t pressurize you for any kind of sales target. Be certain about not misbalancing your relation with the franchise company. Having a good relationship is important from both ends.

Promotional backup by the company

Do check if the company provides you with promotional backup or you have to spend the promotional payment as it is required for any business to run smoothly, because the more people know about the brand/company the more are the chances of your increasing sales. Some of the most common promotional tools any company provides you with are:

  • Visiting cards
  • Visual aids
  • Satchels
  • Diaries or notepads
  • Covers of catch, etc.

Population and reputation of the pharma company

For good results in your business, the company needs to have a good reputation in the marketplace. It is very important to know about the company history, vision, owner, when the company was established, divisions and number of associates, etc.

Packaging of the products

Packaging of the products draws the attention of doctors, patients, and pharmacists. It creates an impression of the company. And the latest packaging techniques ensure the safety of the products and keep them safe from contamination. Thus, do check if the company uses the latest packaging techniques.

Process of owning a PCD Pharma Franchise or Pharma Franchise

The process of owning a PCD Franchise varies from company to company. Some companies provide state-wise franchises and some offer zone wise. The most common in India is the district-wise distribution of franchises. So, telling the exact process is quite difficult but the common steps to be followed involves:

  • Choose the area you want to establish your business in.
  • Select the right pharma company.
  • Send your queries regarding if they have a vacancy for PCD Pharma. (send it to 7-8 companies)
  • If they have a vacancy, ask them for further details about the products and prices.
  • Make an official agreement with mutually agreed terms and conditions.

Why Pharma Franchise is a popular opportunity?

With the increase in the demand for quality pharma products, the pharma franchise gained its popularity in India and changed the market and way of business in the pharma industry. It is a popular business because:

  • It is a low-cost market
  • You can be your boss
  • Highly profitable
  • Provides good RIO
  • Shared responsibility in this sector


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