Top 10 Pharma Companies in India

Top 10 Pharma Companies in India - According to the current situation, India is the largest supplier of pharma products as approx 2000+ pharma companies were registered in the '20s.  The Indian pharma exports its quality medicines to America and Russia. Indian Pharmaceutical makes a strong market at the national and international levels. This is the best time to start your own business and the Pharma sector is the best sector.  To be successful, you need to collaborate with a trusted company that can provide you a great career. There are many pharma companies in India who offer top franchise services in different different rehgions. In this article, we will discuss Features of the Top 10 Pharma Companies in India, known for their credibility, quality, professionalism and features.

Here is the List of Top 10 Pharma Companies in India in the Year 2021

Take a look at top 10 pharma companies in India to look for in 2021-2022 for business services. Our blogs lists the best taking into account various topics and features that make them the best in the market. After careful research and analysis, we bring the leading choices for pharmaceuticals services whether pharma franchise or manufacturing in India.

Cagrus Biopharma

Cagrus Biopharma is a Haryana-based Pharma Company and the division of the reputed pharmaceutical firm named Biophar Lifesciences Pvt Ltd in India. They have more than 250+ medicines range that avail in the market in the form of tablets, capsules, soft gel capsules, gel/lotion, drops, and ayurvedic range. Cagrus Biopharma is considered the Best PCD Franchise Company in India as it has more than 150+ satisfied associates from the different parts of India. The company is owning GMP and WHO manufacturing units and following the international standards of ISO 9001:2008 certifications:

  • The company has its own manufacturing facilities in excise-free zones.
  • The products list cover more than 500+ products. 
  • Exclusive rights are offered to associates. 
  • Reasonable rates for all its range. 
  • They have professional pharma people.
  • Experience of over a decade.
  • Trusted by more than 200+ associates etc. 

Swisschem Healthcare

 Swisschem Healthcare is known for its best-quality pharma product range. The company is patiently dealing with a large range of medicines that include Soft Gelatin Capsules, Protein Powder, injections, antibiotic tablets, syrups, etc. Each product of the company is manufacturing under the art of the state manufacturing facilities with complete authorization of GMP and WHO certifications. The company focused on the requirements of the customers and try to fulfil them in a short period of time.

  1. Dedicated division for better expansion as PCD franchise vendor.
  2. They provide Third-party manufacturing services. 
  3. Good growth opportunities.
  4. Popular for bringing innovative drug solutions
  5. Best QA/QC standards adopted.

Arlak Biotech

 Arlak Biotech is the leading Punjab-based company and marketing more than 1000 pharma products for various customer's medical needs and requirements. Their product portfolio is available in the form of Softgel Cap, Capsules, Injectables, Syrups, Topical gels, Creams, Oils, Lotions, Tablets, and many more in the Indian Market. The company is an international organization for standards(ISO) and working by the international standards of GMP and WHO institutes. They are providing the best quality of medicines with complete verifications of DCGI certifications.

  • Felicitated with numerous awards. 
  • They own more than 1000+ pharma products. 
  • More than 500+ franchise owners listed. 
  • Fastest growing pharma company for the franchise.
  • Quality of products is best. 

Canbro Healthcare 

Canbro Healthcare has more than 150+ dermatology that covers all type of derma range like Ointments, Cleansing Lotion, Cleaners, Face wash, Face Serum, Gel, Soap, Shampoo, tablets, and  Anti Acne, Anti Allergic, Antibiotics, Cream. The company is serving ethical business deals like PCD Franchise Business and third-party manufacturing facilities at the pan India level. The company is providing monopoly rights and distribution rights, high profits margins, and promotion support, etc. The company is inviting all the pharma experts to join hands with us for the PCD Derma Franchise Business.

  1. Specialised in dermatology and cosmetic products. 
  2. They own more than 300+ skincare drugs. 
  3. Approved by ISO and GMP.
  4. Widest network for pharma professionals connected. 
  5. Reasonable business opportunities.

Vee Remedies 

Vee Remedies is specialized in multiple pharma categories that are best in quality, durability, affordability, and effectiveness. They followed the international Guidelines of ISO certifications to ensure the quality standards of the medicines. The company is serving a vast range of pharma products with DCGI authorization. The company has installed high-tech machinery in its manufacturing plants and following the strict standards of GMP-WHO regulations. The company is famous for its attractive packaging material, the best quality of raw material, and unique production procedures,

  • The company owns a variety range of products including gynecology, ayurvedic, herbals, allopathy etc. 
  • Amongst few trusted companies to provide franchise in veterinary drugs. 
  • Economic business opportunities. 
  • Best quality of medicines certified and approved. 
  • Better ROI. 

Mestro Pharma 

Mestro Pharma coming with the unique amalgamation of high-tech Machinery and experienced staff that bring innovative and effective medical range. The company is started in the year 2014 and achieving all the medical certifications like DCGI, ISO, GMP, and WHO institutes. The main target of the company is to provide the best healthcare solution to the people at a very simple cost. The company understands the value of the life of people as they devote serious efforts to provide the best quality of pharma products in the Market.

Biofield Pharma 

Biofield Pharma is a well-established and well-recognized pharmaceutical company in India that manufactures, distributing, and exports world-class quality medicines in the market. They are doing an amazing job by providing more than 300+ pharma products in the form of dry powder, and ointment, capsules, tablets, liquid, gel capsules, etc. The company is committed to its amazing quality of pharma products that provide the best healthcare solution to the people. The company is working in the different categories of medication range like ortho range, Gynae range, derma range, and general range.

Hacks and Slacks Healthcare 

Hacks and Slacks Healthcare is deliver the DCGI certified dermatology and cosmetics products in the Indian Market. The company is offering over 100+ products of dermatology that treat any kind of skin-related issues. The company has established in the year 2017 and became a part of the Indian pharmaceutical industry. More than 200+ associates are connected with us and enjoying the various franchise like monopoly rights, best profit margins, cost-free promotional support, etc. They have their own manufacturing plants with the complete approval of GMP and WHO certifications.


Gchem is come up with unique formulations of the Gynae product range in the Indian market. The company is offering business facilities in all locations of India. The company is holding a certification of ISO standards and offering PCD franchise business opportunities in India so that the company can provide its Gynecology products at the pan India level. The company is dealing with a vast range of Gynae range that includes male infertility, female infertility, menopause,  oral contraception, etc.


Medibyte is a Chandigarh-based pharma company and dedicated itself to providing high-end solutions to various healthcare problems. The company is popular for its unique drug formulations with complete certifications of DCGI and FSSAI regulations. They are on the mission to discover innovative and new drug solutions to improve people's lives. The company is doing a great job with different medicine range like tablets, capsules, ear/eye drops, liquids, ointments, etc.


The pharmaceuticals industry is a lucrative sector to start your business. it is always best to go with trusted and credible pharma company that will offer you desired results and meet your requirements. I hope this blog was helpful to you.