Cefixime 50 mg


Brand Name: FIXBASE-50

Composition : Cefixime 50 mg

Packing : Dry Syrup

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FIXBASE-50 is the fusion of Cefixime Oral Suspension which is a specially made syrup for kids and infants used for solving various types of bacterial infections. The infections which are solved by using this suspension consist of the ear, eyes, nose, throat, lungs, skin, gastrointestinal tract, and urinary tract. In some cases, they are also being used for treating uncomplicated typhoid fever in children and adolescents also. 

This medication is linked with a class of pharma medications which are called antibiotics. These work by destroying the cell wall of the bacteria that causes the infection. This process starts by stopping the growth of the bacteria that are the main reasons behind the infection is caused. When the infection is allowed to spread then it may cause some serious health complications in the long run. 

Uses of Cefixime Oral Suspension

  • It solves bacterial infections from spreading. 
  • This medicine offers relief from the various symptoms of bacterial infection.
  • Using this medicine stops the infection from coming back.
  • This is a widely prescribed medicine used for treating a wide range of bacterial infections.
  • It is used for treating bacterial infections such as infections of the lungs, throat, and urinary tract.

Side Effects

Cefixime Oral Suspension may cause some side effects which usually don’t last long enough. But in case they do then a doctor should be contacted right away as they can become serious with time when left untreated.

  • Abdominal pain
  • Allergy
  • Nausea
  • Stomach pain

Directions For Use

  • They are usually to be given an hour before a meal or after two hours post meals.
  • Taking them as per this method will ensure their better efficacy over the individual.
  • In some kids, it may cause an upset stomach and in that case, it is to be given post meals.
  • The doctor will decide the dose and the duration of the complete treatment and all of his instructions are to be followed.
  • A healthy diet should be given to the child so that he can recover easily from the bacterial infection.
  • Plenty of water should be given so that the user can avoid any kind of damage to the kidney.
  • It should be used for as long as the healthcare expert has suggested it to be used. 

Safety Precautions

  • Let the doctor know if the individual is having any other medical conditions as the doctor may advise a dose adjustment in that case.
  • In case the side effects persist for a very long period of time then a doctor should be contacted as they worsen over the period of time.
  • Special attention should be given if the patient is having or had any kidney or liver problems in the past.
  • The consumption of the medicine should not be stopped in between as it can cause the symptoms to come back and become harder to treat.
  • Taking more than the recommended dose isn’t advised as it can cause a rise in other side effects.

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